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  • The driver card is automatically generated for each vehicle user
  • No complicated installation and no password is required
  • You will always have the most up-to-date and complex information about the vehicle and the contracted services at your disposal and in one location
  • Communication in both ways between the driver and LeasePlan

In the section Do you need help you can communicate with us by using online forms, e.g. for ordering a service, looking up tire service, reporting insurance claim, reporting loss of documents or cards or for returning the vehicle.

In the section My vehicle you can find the details about your car and the lease period. You can enter the current vehicle mileage here.

In the section My services you can find all the services contracted to your vehicle at one glance.

In the section Follow us you can find the links to our web site and our accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube LeasePlan.

In Contacts you can find our mailing address, as well as the e-mail address.